In general, the more expensive something is, the better it will be made. This includes bicycles as well as other items such as clothing, shoes, tools, electronics, furniture, cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, helicopters, rockets, space ships, houses, and so on. Here you will find all the bike accessories, you should know about. It will be very helpful for a successful ride.

Motorcycle Parts & Accessories List

The following are some common bike accessories that you may want to consider adding to your collection. They can make riding easier and safer, improve performance, increase comfort, protect against damage, add style, and many others.


A helmet protects your head from injury in case of an accident. It also helps keep dirt out of your eyes and ears. Helmets come in different styles and materials. Some helmets have visors while others do not. The type of material used depends upon what kind of riding you plan to do. For example, if you ride off-road then you need a hard shell helmet. If you only commute by car then you should get one that has padding inside. You must wear a properly fitted helmet when riding. Make sure that the size fits snugly around your head without any gaps between the sides and back of the helmet. Also, check whether there are enough ventilation holes at the top of the helmet. Do not use a helmet that does not fit correctly because this could cause serious injuries.


Motorcycling gloves help prevent cuts and abrasions caused by sharp objects like rocks and branches. They also provide protection from heat and cold. There are two types of gloves available; leather gloves and synthetic ones. Leather gloves look good but they tend to become dirty quickly. Synthetic gloves last longer than leather ones. However, they don’t offer much protection against hot weather conditions. So choose wisely depending upon how often you intend to wash them. When choosing gloves, try to find those which cover all fingers except thumbs. Choose gloves that allow easy access to controls and brake levers. Avoid wearing thick gloves since they restrict movement.


Motorcyclists who spend long hours on their bikes usually prefer boots over sneakers. These boots are designed specifically for motorbikes. They are comfortable and durable. They give extra support to feet and ankles. In addition, they reduce fatigue and pain during extended rides. Most riders buy these boots after buying a new bike. But before purchasing them, ensure that they fit comfortably. Check the length of the boot carefully. Ensure that the heel cup is wide enough to accommodate foot movements. Look for rubber soles instead of plastic ones. Rubber-soled boots are less slippery than plastic ones.


Jackets are very important, especially in the winter months. They protect us from wind chill factors, rain, snow, dust, etc. They also serve as insulation keeping our body warm. Jackets come with or without zippers. Zippered jackets are useful for commuting purposes whereas non-zipped ones are ideal for touring. Non-zip jackets are lighter compared to zip jackets. Zip jackets are generally preferred due to convenience.

Motorcycle Insurance

The first thing we will discuss motorcycle insurance is its importance. Without it, no matter how careful you may be, accidents can happen at any time. And even though most people think that motorcycles are cheap vehicles, they still cost more than cars. This means that every time you drive your vehicle, you risk losing money. That’s why it is so crucial to make sure that you’re covered whenever you go out on the roads. Here are some tips to follow:

1) Get yourself insured! Even if you just want to save up for something else later, getting insurance now would definitely pay dividends down the line.

2) Don’t forget to ensure your passengers too! While many companies won’t charge additional premiums for passengers, it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

3) Always carry proof of insurance! If an accident happens, having a copy of your policy handy could mean the difference between being able to claim compensation and not being able to do anything at all.

4) Make sure you have adequate coverage! You should always get comprehensive car insurance because this covers damages done to other property such as your own house. It also includes medical expenses incurred when someone gets injured while riding along with you.

5) Be aware of what kind of rider discounts there are! Some insurers offer discounts for safe drivers, young adults, students, veterans, women, families, and others. Find out whether any of these apply to you and take advantage of them where possible.

Here is another bike accessories list

  • Bicycle Gear Sets
  • Chainless Bicycle Gears
  • Sprockets, Chains, Sprockets, Chainrings, Cassettes, etc…
  • Tires – Road Tires
  • Mountain Biking: Mountain bike tires
  • Road Cycling: Road bike tires
  • Cyclocross: Cyclocross tire sizes
  • Other Types of Wheels
  • Pedals
  • Brakes
  • Clipless Pedal System
  • SRAM Force 1 or 2 pedals with a freehub body
  • Freehubs for Campy
  • Freewheel systems
  • Cassette
  • Crankset
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Hubs
  • Spokes
  • Rims
  • Frame
  • Stem
  • Handlebars
  • Bar Ends
  • Drop Bars
  • Upper Handlebar Stays
  • Lower Handlebar Stays
  • Headset
  • Chaps
  • Pants
  • Jockstrap
  • Footwear



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